+2 Program
Bachelor and Master

Introducing Vishwa Adarsha

Vishwa Adarsha Secondary School was established in 2074 BS to fulfill the need for a pioneering institution that prepares students to become responsible professionals who are confident, can communicate better, think critically, solve problems, make timely decisions, and behave ethically. Also, we encourage our students to take leadership and learn the art of giving cause it is what a good student should really have or say what makes them good students in the first place.

At VASS, we believe that every student is unique, and, so is their learning ability. We also believe that it’s not marks or grades that define the knowledge of the student but in fact, it is understanding that defines knowledge. We believe that as an entity nurturing the minds of the future generation, we are equally responsible for ensuring that children at our school are instilled with the right competitive spirit. Therefore, we provide the same attention and care to all our children irrespective of their marks, and every talent is respected.

Why choose us

  • Qualified teaching faculty
  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Huge football field and children's park
  • Library with sufficient reading materials
  • Digital classroom with projector and smart board
  • Care and counseling to foster the skill of children
  • Large cafeteria to serve food for each and every student
  • Sufficient infrastructure to conduct teaching-learning activities without friction
  • Transportation facility to assist students residing far away from school premises
  • Experts guided extra-curricular activities for the all-round development of students
  • Safe and secure environment with the provision of security personnel and CCTV cameras